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Taking A Plunge (1)
Here's a really random short.. uh, shot. ._.

For the unnir who gave me a Taeny pb and said, "Kindly stare at pb and write fluff."
This isn't not really fluff though, LOL sorry unnir. <3


They had been stealing shy glances and exchanging small smiles for the past hour. It wasn't common for Taeyeon to experience something like that with another girl. Not many had her preference after all, and those who did would never really show it. Their gazes weren't flirtatious, instead it was innocent and the girl's eyes were- well, Taeyeon found them mesmerizing. Amidst her doubts, a little voice told her that this was different. It felt like they connected, clicked, the moment their eyes met for the first time despite never talking to each other before.

It's been at least an hour since she sat down with her cup of hot coffee at the seat by the window and caught the eye of someone she deemed the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. The said girl was sitting at the table diagonal from her and they were facing each other. Taeyeon was undeniably attracted to her, that she knew, but she had never been that attracted to any other person before. She was afraid the girl might find it uncomfortable whenever she was caught stealing glances until she realized that the latter had been doing exactly the same thing.

Taeyeon had been weighing her options if she should approach her and introduce herself. She wondered if it was a wise thing to do because although she wanted to get to know her, to spend time with her, to at least know her name, she wasn't certain the girl shared her views. It would be like taking a plunge, never knowing if the waters were deep enough or would it be shallow with a rocky sea bed. She figured, it's like that in any type of relationship anyway. They all started out that way, didn't they?

Her case was just a little different. It wasn't common after all, and she was afraid she was just misunderstanding the situation. Now, that would be embarrassing.

Her phone rang, forcing her to break the eye contact they had been having for God knows how long, and she grumpily picked it up. She turned away, looking out the window as she whined and grumbled to her best friend for ruining her moment. The call didn't take long, ending with her best friend laughing and playfully telling her, "Go get her, Tiger."

She could have sworn the call didn't take long but when she hung up, she turned to find the girl gone. She had almost plucked up enough guts to approach her. She was about to take that plunge, so disappointment didn't even begin to describe how she felt. She sighed, thinking, "I knew it was too good to be true."

She looked down, wanting to pick up her already cold cup of coffee when a waiter approached her and handed her a folded napkin. Confused, she hesitantly accepted it. "It's from the girl who was sitting there," he said with a polite smile, pointing to the now regrettably empty table.

She grew nervous as she fiddled the folded napkin after the waiter had walked away. Taking a deep breath to calm her pounding heart, she opened it and instantly beamed when she read the writings, thinking in awe, "She took the plunge."

Somehow, Taeyeon found that it had made the girl even more attractive. The courage to take the plunge, she found it appealing. She stared at the messy scribbles, feeling the fairytale butterflies and couldn't stop herself from grinning. She felt that it could be the start of something amazing, and she knew it could only happen if she made the next step. The ball was in her court, it was her turn to take the plunge.

/Hi, I'm Tiffany. I'm sorry if it was creepy that I kept looking at you but I think you're really cute. Would you, maybe, wanna hang out? xxx-xxxx-xxxx, call me?/


Yes, it ended there. No really, that's the end. I'm such a tease, I know lol.
In other news, keep a look out for the coming SSF's Taeny 1727th page celebration :)

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Omg fluff *^* and cliffhanger OTL ... Love it ^_^b

Funny, how I didn't consider that fluff but most of you do ^^

YESH! its been awhile~ thanks for dis~~~ errrr~~ tease?~ hehheh~ wow!~ nw im lookin forward for 1727th page~ Thanks for dis~ wheeeee~~ :D:D:D

Hi! The 1727 will be a different story though haha

You write the best taeny fluff ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

In a word: Daebak!

My dear friend, it's so good to have you back on the fanfic circuit; I really missed your random Taeny musings :D.
That was one of the most beautifully written one-shots that I've read in a long while :).
Good job!
Yes, although it ended on a cliff-hanger note, yet the ending also spoke of endless possibilities to me for the 2 lovely ladies, and for that I am ever so grateful to you.
Kudos, my friend, and I'll look forward to more Daebak fanfic from your talented mind soon.

(So sorry, forgot to log-in prior to posting my comment to your story. Mianhe)

Re: In a word: Daebak!

Hello, again. :) It's okay, I recognized your name but since you reposted, I deleted that one for you. Haha.

I extended this, hope you liked them too ^^

Thanks for the compliments ;~;

from tipco09

I like this one shot of yours. I can picture the scene so well. I usually hate cliffhangers but this one gives me so many naughty thoughts. There are endless possibilities and all they need to do is take the plunge together :) -tipco09

Don't know if you'd come back to see this but HI TIPCO<3333

NAUGHTY THOUGHTS? Naughty Tipco ;)

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hi agaaain!!

oh my gosh!
well, although it's kinda cliffhanger, but i dont really feel that way. it sorts like the end of one chapter and all need to do now is dreaming..



Hiiiiiiii thanks for still sticking around to read my things <3

OMGosh you've updated!!~ yaaaayyyy
Thought that was the end of Saffire Stories.

It must be so cute when they caught each other staring, TaeNy's eye contact!! <3 ^___^
Yay for Tiffany to like Taeyeon back :D
I'm imagining the drama that would take place when Fany din't leave a note, who knows when they'll meet again fatefully~
This is like Call Me Maybe hahaha, except portraying alot more anxiety when Taeyeon receive that napkin.
Cliffhanger... D:

I kinda wish the setting and TaeNy's personality was elaborated more.
That's the end, whaaaaat TT____TT

Thx for updating, its been months.

Saffire Stories comes and goes like the seasons~

I'm sorry it's so short, I'd have never finished it fast if I wanted it to be longer xD

Fairytale butterflies!?!! Aahhhhhajsjsskksffj the fluff. So sweet and I really enjoyed the length! I read it during a work break on a whim and it got me smiling. :)))

Thanks for this!! :3

Thank you! Hope the next few parts make you smile too ^^


This is soo cute. Write more write more write more!

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