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Sixteen Hours To None (1/2)

A/N: Hi. Omg, this took me too long to work on. Please assume that whatever I wrote is how it is (e.g school schedules and etc). I'm sorry if I got anything wrong, I tried googling.. (a lot). Hope you like it though. <3 It's supposed to be a one-shot, but it's too long LOL. Part 2 will be up soon. /waves/

p.s; Read it at a comfortable speed. (warning! word count; 5K+)

Almost three years ago, they met each other online on an international Korean forum. It was a place where Koreans all over the world would come together and talk. It was a place where they made long-lasting friends, some coincidental business partners and for a handful of lucky souls, they would meet someone worthwhile for them. For Tiffany Hwang Miyoung, she went there on one boring Thursday night in hopes to improve on her preposterous Korean. She was born and raised in USA, Los Angeles, California. She had taken the Korean language as an extracurricular subject in college, thinking that since she was Korean, it’d be a breeze for her. It turns out, though, that she was embarrassingly bad at it. In her defense, she wasn’t the worst in class – yet – but she was beaten so badly on the previous test by her classmates, including 2 blonde Beverly Hills girls, an American-born Chinese boy and also an American-born Japanese boy. She decided it was definitely time to pull her socks up. Not that she had anything against rich blondes or other Asians but it was extremely embarrassing to know that they had done better on a test of her own mother tongue language. Another reason might be how her pride had been painfully stomped on all over by her own mother’s kitchen slippers when the latter had laughed so hard the moment Tiffany had told her as she was making pasta for dinner. Her mother had a laughing fit, her eyes were tearing up and their dinner almost caught fire due to her mother’s hysterical laughter. ‘It wasn’t even funny’, Tiffany thought grumpily as she stomped to her room to wash up and wait for dinner.

Tiffany came across that forum after dinner and one long dreading essay that night as she was surfing for anything that had Korean in it. Still sulking from earlier events of that day, she clicked on a random link that appeared on her Google search and explored the site. She had found it interesting so she made an account and briefly wrote on her profile - making sure she didn’t give out any personal details - so that she would be able to go further into the site to glance through all the topics made which were thankfully in both Korean and English. Almost two hours through and she thought - since the forum was filled with Korean people - maybe someone would be willing to tutor her online somehow. It was better than nothing; she could use all the help she could get since she was a little hesitant to ask her classmates whom she wasn’t that close to for help. Well, that, and her pride would take a major blow in the guts. She got on the chat box on the site that had a few people chatting together in a language medley of Korean and English.

-TiffanyHwang; Hi. Would anyone be willing to help me with my Korean? I’m so bad at it. L -

That was what she typed, in the middle of their conversation. She waited for a reply, any reply, from anyone, for almost 10 minutes; just staring at the screen as her message moved up and disappeared from the box as they were too involved in their conversation to notice her small cry for help. Okay, maybe ‘a cry for help’ would be exaggerating but still, it would’ve been nice to at least be acknowledged since she was in need of help. She sighed; feeling disappointed that no one even bothered to reply her in any way and was about leave the site, thinking maybe it was just a silly idea anyway, to ask a bunch of strangers online to help her. She was about the log out and head to bed when a private message beeped and popped up on her screen.

-TaeyeonKim; Hi. How about you help me with my English and I’ll help you with your Korean too. Deal? J-

Tiffany unconsciously smiled; maybe there were nice ones in the site after all. She clicked on ‘TaeyeonKim’s profile and went through it before replying. She felt like she should at least check the profile before talking to the person; he or she must’ve checked her profile too anyway.

Kim Taeyeon - 김태연 in hangul – was a girl and she was a few months older than Tiffany but her age nonetheless. She lived in South Korea, born in Jeonju, North Jeolla; where exactly that was, Tiffany has no idea. She was still a student and was currently residing in Seoul; that, Tiffany knew where.

As Tiffany replied her that night, they decided to add each other in skype for easier communication. It took them exactly half an hour through the conversation to talk casually with each other like they’ve known each other for a long time, and exactly an hour to start tease each other like it’s the most natural thing to do with someone they’ve just met online. She slept at 4am in the morning when Taeyeon had figured out their time difference and had to push her to go to bed. She was late for class the next day but smiled when she remembered she had made a new friend.


6 months through and Tiffany knew Kim Taeyeon almost as well as she knew her best friend, having organized their 16 hour time difference and going on skype for at least 5 times a week. Kim Taeyeon was stubborn, shy and reserved as she was humble, funny and absolutely adorable. She had an almost non-existing social life due to being timid around strangers and she didn’t seem to mind since she was really focused on her studies. She made Tiffany smile a lot and was laidback. She succeeded in helping Tiffany well on her Korean too. Tiffany had improved tremendously on her Korean, jumping grades from a C- to a solid B+; saving her pride from getting damaged by the blondes and other Asians since she was now somewhat in the same rank as them, losing only to 2 straight A’s students. As for Taeyeon, her English had improved as well. A little, but still, she improved. Tiffany wondered in the beginning why Taeyeon wanted help in the first place since she got to know that Taeyeon was already getting B’s for her English tests. Tiffany understood why as they got closer.

Taeyeon was the youngest child, having one older brother who was a year older and divorced parents. Her parents had gotten divorced right before she had graduated from high school back in Jeonju and when they did; her mother had wanted nothing to do with them so their father took her and her brother with him and moved to Seoul for them to start a new life. The divorce was a year ago and Taeyeon’s father was still working two shifts of labour work to compensate the cost of two of his children’s school fees, bills and food just so they could all live comfortably. Her brother couldn’t stand seeing their aging father struggle alone and started to work part-time to help with their income. He had forbidden Taeyeon from doing the same, saying that he’d take care of it and that she should just focus on studying. Taeyeon moved to stay at her college’s dorm since both of them were hardly home and it was relatively safer for her to stay in a dorm rather than being alone at their place till wee hours of the morning.

 Tiffany knew of their struggles just like she was there to witness them because on many occasions, the stress and the burden Taeyeon carried on her shoulders took a toll on her and Tiffany was there to lend a listening ear and offer comforting words. Tiffany might not be able to fully understand what Taeyeon was going through, having happily married parents who both earned more than enough for her and her younger sister, and she could only imagine feeling like she was dragging her loved ones down. On those many occasions, Tiffany wished they didn’t have 5969 miles between them because she knew Taeyeon refused to talk to anyone about her feelings, keeping them all bottled up most of the time and didn’t have a lot of close friends to confide in either. She could lose all the sleep in the world if she could make Taeyeon feel at least a tiny bit better.

8 months and they had started to voice call each other. It was comforting in its own way, soothing even. It started with the excuse that they both had needed to work on their pronunciation and speech of the other language, which was true. It was then too that she had found out that Taeyeon had slight difficulty with enunciating some of the words. It came out oddly hilarious sometimes and it had made Tiffany laugh countless times. It surprised her though that Taeyeon could speak without a noticeable Korean accent which she was expecting to hear because other than that, she was pretty fluent in English.

Soon, it became a routine for them to call but they would always converse in English. Always, and sometimes it made her wonder if Taeyeon really did want to work on her speech or that she just knew that Tiffany to felt more comfortable speaking in English instead. That was when Tiffany realized just how Taeyeon’s voice made her feel something as she spoke. It was so strong, rich and warm that it made her feel something. She knew exactly what it was that she felt but she really didn’t know how it should be described. Taeyeon’s voice had made her want to see how she looked like so badly because all she could picture her as was someone so beautiful. She never prodded Taeyeon into video calling though, knowing how reserved and timid the girl could be. Surprisingly, though, it was Taeyeon who initiated the first video call a month after they started calling and Tiffany had been right. She was, indeed, so beautiful with gentle brown eyes, milky fair skin and the cutest smile. The girl had shyly grinned, revealing a small charming dimple at the side of her chin and Tiffany thought there couldn’t have been anyone any cuter than Kim Taeyeon.


A year since the first introduction and all personal barriers had been dropped. Even addresses had been exchanged for random gifts or letters, birthdays had been celebrated and comfort level had reached a whole new height. A year and Tiffany had her head propped on a hand as she did her essay in front of her laptop. She frowned at the hangul characters she had written. Picking up her paper, she turned it towards the screen and asked the person who was sitting at the other side of the screen, waiting patiently for her to finish the remaining of her essay. “Is this right, Taeyeon? The last few sentences, are they written right?”

She watched as the girl looked up from the book she was reading and inched forward closer to the screen to read, squinting her eyes as she did so. She held back a grin, knowing how shy Taeyeon would get if she were to tell her how cute she was outright. She was, though. Taeyeon was beyond cute in every way and Tiffany kind of adored her in all those ways too. Her voice interrupted Tiffany’s thoughts, “Yeah, that’s right… your handwriting though, seriously…”

Tiffany rolled her eyes in fake annoyance as Taeyeon chuckled, making a grin appearing on her face anyway. “Okay, I’m done for today.” She put her paper aside, tidied her stuff up and stretched as Taeyeon closed her book and placed it aside as well.

“Hey, um… can I ask you a question?” Taeyeon asked when they were done. She seemed nervous and it made Tiffany curious.

“Sure, what is it?” Tiffany replied, propping her head on a hand again, staring intently at the suddenly fidgeting girl on the other side.

“What do you think about… um… a girl... uh... liking another girl?” Tiffany raised her eyebrows at the question as Taeyeon looked down, still restlessly fidgety. A chuckle escaped Tiffany after a few seconds of pondering on her reply and it made Taeyeon look up.

“Sweetie, I live in America. We’re pretty open about this. Well, at least here in Cali,” she paused, weighing her options about going on. Looking at Taeyeon, she trusted that the girl wouldn’t react negatively. Taeyeon was a mature person, despite having her childish and playful moments. “I don’t know how to say this in a more subtle way… but uh, I… go both ways? I hope you don’t mind,” she let out an awkward chuckle.

Taeyeon looked surprised but not disgusted and Tiffany was glad. She was right, Taeyeon’s… well, Taeyeon’s Taeyeon. Another moment of silence as Taeyeon had her eyebrows furrowed slightly and head tilted to the side, looking thoughtful. “I think… I only go one way, though…”

“The straight road, you mean?” Tiffany joked, grinning. Her playful expression changed in a second as Taeyeon shook her head slowly. “….the other way?” she asked carefully. A nervous nod and pursed lips answered her. “Are you sure?”

A nod again, “I think so… I’ve never really, you know, been that attracted to guys. I think I was having a small crush on my lab partner back when I was in high school once. Although I thought it was admiration at that time. It never escalated more than a small crush though… I didn’t even care that much when she had a boyfriend… Okay, maybe I was just a little tiny bit disappointed.” Taeyeon paused again, taking a deep breath. She bit her lip nervously, like she was weighing out her options as Tiffany did previously. She took another deep breath and said, “I think… I like someone now though… and- and all I can think about is her. Like, all day, every day.”

“Oh?” Her heart sank with the hope that had appeared briefly when she thought maybe, just maybe, she stood a chance and Tiffany didn’t expect it to hurt that much. She knew she liked Taeyeon, for a while now, but she didn’t know just how much until then. She kept the hurt away and kept her casual relaxed face on. “Who? Have you mentioned her before?”

Taeyeon nodded, chuckling, “Probably. Do you think… I should tell her?”

‘No, you’re mine’, Tiffany wanted to say but she gave her a small smile instead. “Depends, do you think she swings the same way too?” A nod as a response and Tiffany inwardly sighed, thinking to herself about how much she’d regret saying the next few words. “Then…go ahead. Try, you’d never know, maybe she likes you too.”

A faint colour of pink made its way to Taeyeon’s cheeks and Tiffany wondered why. Taeyeon looked down again and mumbled almost incoherently, “Do you… maybe?” Tiffany heard it and frowned, confused. Wondering if she was supposed to hear that or if it was even spoken to her, Tiffany asked, “Me?” A shy nod from Taeyeon and Tiffany tilted her head. “Do I what, Taeyeon?”

Taeyeon cleared her throat and looked up shyly. She rested her arms on her table and looked at the camera, looking right at Tiffany. She blushed furiously but kept her voice steady as she asked clearly, “Do you, maybe, like me too?”

A few seconds passed and Taeyeon’s eyes had diverted away from the camera back to her screen, probably watching Tiffany’s expression. As the question sunk in and Tiffany understood what it meant, she looked at her camera just as Taeyeon had done and grinned. “Yeah, I kinda do… a lot.”


“…So we all went to this pizza palace and Simon thought it was funny to tell Jessica that the pizza she just took a bite in had cucumber seasonings on it,” Tiffany said, animatedly, to the girl listening attentively to her on her laptop screen. “Jessi totally freaked, almost choked and immediately spat it out… right in his face! A masterpiece right there, there was this piece of I-don’t-want-to-know-what hanging right under his nose.”

Taeyeon burst into that one of a kind laugh and it made Tiffany grin widely as she watched the former put her head on the table as she laughed heartily and snorted once in a while. When Taeyeon had finally calmed down, she wiped a tear from the corner of her eyes; an adorable lop-sided smile lingered on her face. “That must’ve been so epic. I bet Jessica was so pissed after that.”

“Oh, that she was. Her girlfriend, Yuri –remember Yuri? –, yeah, so Yuri had to literally hold her down because she was about to jump over the table and strangle him. It took a lot of coaxing for her to calm down and I was laughing so hard, she almost threw her plate at me,” she replied, chuckling as she remembered that very close call of having a plate to her face by her own best friend. She made a mental note to buy Yuri a meal as an appreciative gesture for saving her face.

Taeyeon smiled, she propped her elbow on the desk and rested her chin on her palm, just staring at the screen; just staring at her and it made her heart flutter. Then the smile faded a bit and Taeyeon looked thoughtful. Tiffany tilted her head and gestured what was wrong, watching as the latter looked hesitant to answer her. She watched as Taeyeon pursed her lips for a moment before speaking again. “What… um..,” she started, suddenly looking nervous. “What… are we?”

‘What are we?’ Tiffany thought. That was a good question. She really liked Taeyeon and Taeyeon really liked her. She knew that, they knew that. They showed it openly but what were they? They hadn’t put a label on them since they clarified their mutual feelings a month ago. But was it needed, though? Did they need to name or label what they were having, Tiffany wondered, so she asked, “Must there be a label to us?”

Taeyeon sighed and Tiffany couldn’t understand why. “I don’t know…but I think... I think I’d like it if we did. Like, it’d be… nice…for us to be something.”

Tiffany raised her eyebrows and suppressed a smile. ‘Nice, huh. I guess it would be…nice,’ she thought because truthfully she didn’t mind if they didn’t label what they were but she didn’t deny the fact that it gave an odd sense of comfort to know what they were. “I guess so,” she replied. “What do you want us to be then?”

Taeyeon sighed and mumbled, “More of what I want you to be…” Tiffany frowned a little, something felt familiar about the situation. Taeyeon must’ve seen her frowning because she repeated what she said a little louder, her pinch-able cheeks turning pinkish.

“What do you want me to be?” she asked, even though she pretty caught on what Taeyeon was getting at as she suppressed the butterflies in her tummy and the excited beats of her heart.

Taeyeon blushed, moving her eyes to the camera, looking right into it and looking right at her. “My… girlfriend… Please?”

Tiffany stopped herself in time from jumping off her seat but couldn’t help with the warmth that had crept up to her cheeks. She grinned, finally realizing why it all felt familiar. Looking into her own camera when Taeyeon’s eyes had diverted away from the camera to the screen, she replied almost too happily, “Only if you’ll be mine too.”


Tiffany stretched her weary body a little as she checked the digits on the paper in her hand with the ones in front of her. A smile made its way on her face as she took off her sunglasses and kept them in her handbag. She fixed her hair a little and pressed the bell. She shifted her weight between her feet, feeling a few emotions rushing in her; excitement, longing, nervousness. It made her heartbeat fasten at the sound of shuffling behind the door and she held her breath as a ‘click’ was heard before the door swung open, revealing the one person she had been yearning to meet for what felt like the longest time. The one she had wanted to protect from so many things but was unable to. The one who’s had her heart flutter at the sound of her voice and the one who made her heart skip a beat every time she smiled through their video calls. Kim Taeyeon, looking absolutely gorgeous with her brown hair in a messy ponytail, eyes wide in surprise and slight confusion, clad in a fitting tank top and loose grey sweat pants. Webcam had done no justice to how amazing she looked in person. Tiffany let Taeyeon stare at her in silence as she herself let her eyes study every feature she had grown to adore. It felt surreal; to have someone she had wanted so much to hold, stand right in front of her and just within reach.

“Tiffany...” It came out soft and unsure. Taeyeon’s widened eyes relaxed and her eyebrows furrowed instead. “Tiffany?”

Tiffany grinned, loving the sound of her voice in person. It wasn’t much different from their many calls but it certainly felt different. “Hi there.”

The next thing she knew, she was pulled down and forward slightly with arms tightly secured around her neck and another body against hers as her own arms instinctively went around the small waist. “Hi..,” Taeyeon replied softly, snuggling against her neck. “It’s… good to see you.”

Tiffany let out a low chuckle, pulling the girl in her arms close; wanting them to be one if they could. She closed her eyes and ran her nose lightly along the length of Taeyeon’s neck before resting her lips lightly on the exposed skin at the base of her neck and took a deep breath. Taeyeon smelled so good, it made her dizzy. She smelled like something fruity and yet she smelled like something sort of breezy too, if that even made sense. Tiffany didn’t know, the jetlag must be kicking in, and she didn’t care either. She felt like time had frozen and all she could feel was Taeyeon’s warmth against her and the light breathing against her neck. It made her light-headed, it made her feel so many things that her heart pounded crazily in her chest and she wondered if Taeyeon could feel it too.

“It’s good to see you too, Taeyeon,” she whispered. She felt the latter tighten her hold around her neck, pulling her even closer and she knew that she wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to let go. Not yet, anyway.


“Hey... Tiffany,” a warm gentle voice called out to her as she was shook lightly. A weight dipped the mattress slightly as someone sat down on it. “Tiffany, wake up.”

She groaned and turned to her side, away from the voice and pulled the blanket higher over her shoulders. She felt the mattress shift, a small weight on the side she was facing and something leaning slightly against the back of her hip. A whiff of an oddly comforting and familiar smell from the blanket invaded her senses. She sniffed the blanket curiously, still with her eyes closed and her eyebrows furrowed. It’s the same smell from her dream, a very nice dream. She smiled somewhat goofily and sniffed the blanket even more, burying her face in it.

A low chuckle was heard somewhere above her. “What are you doing?”

“She smells like this,” Tiffany mumbled with a small drunken smile and rubbing her face on the blanket, obviously not fully awake yet.

Another chuckle, it was louder this time. “Tiffany…,” the voice called out softly. Tiffany felt a small hand cup her cheek and a thumb caressing it. She leaned towards the touch, it made her feel warm inside, giddy, or maybe that was just because she was barely conscious. “Hey, come on. I don’t want you up all night later, you haven’t eaten either.”

‘Up all night? Why would I be up all night?’ she wondered. She turned to lie on her back, struggling to open her eyes and squinted against the light in the room. The first thing –or rather, person – she saw was Taeyeon sitting next to her, hovering over her with a hand supporting her weight on the other side of Tiffany. Taeyeon was watching her with the most adorable amused expression as Tiffany blinked a few times, still disoriented and still feeling extremely exhausted. It took a while for Tiffany’s brain to start up before it finally dawned on her and she grinned widely, causing Taeyeon to grin as well. “So, I did get on a plane then,” she said drowsily.

Taeyeon’s smile widened. “Unless you had other means of getting half way across the world, yes. Yes, you did. Did your jetlag get your mind in a mush?”

“Maybe,” she replied, staring into the soft brown eyes. It still felt like she was dreaming. She really wanted to hold her, she so badly did. She scooted on the bed; causing Taeyeon to retract her hand from the mattress on Tiffany’s other side. Turning on her side and she reached out to Taeyeon, beckoning the latter to lie in her arms. Tiffany watched as she hesitated for a while before complying. The moment Taeyeon was in her arms, Tiffany wrapped her arms around the girl, hugging her close like a bolster. She felt Taeyeon snuggle against her and an arm wrap around her own waist, clutching the fabric of the back of her shirt. She smiled. It felt so comfortable, so easy and so natural, like they’ve done that a million times and she wished she could hold her like that all the time.

“You haven’t showered since you got off the plane,” she heard Taeyeon murmur against her neck and she couldn’t help but chuckle. Tiffany was about to reply when she continued. “But how is it that you smell so good?”

“Well, that’s good. At least I don’t smell horrifyingly bad so thank you,” Tiffany replied, even though she was sure Taeyeon definitely smelled so much better than she could ever smell. An odd thing to think of, she realized. It sounded odd even in her head. She playfully countered the compliment, “You smell really really good too, you know?”

Taeyeon buried her face in the crook of her neck, probably embarrassed by the praise, and it made her heart race. Adorable, she thought. Too adorable; it made her feel like she should just keep her in her pocket and bring her home. Taeyeon mumbled something so softly that Tiffany wondered how she could have even heard it so clearly. “Why are you here? You didn’t tell me you were coming…”

“You were so sad, I needed to come. I wanted to, so I did. You’re lucky summer break just started, though, and that my parents allowed me to,” she said, remembering how vulnerable and depressed Taeyeon sounded barely 2 weeks ago because things really started to take a toll on her; final year of college, future anxiety, loneliness and sadness of knowing in advance that she was going to be left alone since her dorm mate had to go home for the one month school break that was to come. To top it off like the icing on a cupcake, the feeling of being a burden to her aging father who was still busy working. Not to mention her exhausted brother who had graduated college and still trying to get a stable job while working temporarily at a mechanic shop. It got Tiffany so worried that it took her a week to convince her parents, telling them she already had accommodation covered and that she had someone –a girl, her age- that she knew there too. She had given them the address of where she was staying, Taeyeon’s full name and contact number as well as compromising a whole lot of minor details. The rest of the time was taken to finish as much of her assignments as possible as well as plan her trip to Taeyeon’s apartment. She knew what Taeyeon would ask her next so she answered it beforehand. “Since your break just started today and I can stay for the whole month, do you want me to?”

The answer didn’t come immediately and Tiffany waited patiently, resting her cheek on her head. “Yes please,” came a shy answer as the hand clutching the back of her shirt started to fiddle the hem of the cloth in a somewhat timid manner. ‘Way too adorable’, Tiffany thought. She shut her eyes close and took slow deep breaths until she heard Taeyeon speak again. “Your heart’s beating too fast,” she said, sounding concerned and it almost made Tiffany laugh out loud. Remarkable, how precious Taeyeon was. It was just undeniably, frustratingly, lovable.

Tiffany tightened her hold on Taeyeon and turned them, moving the latter to lie on top of her in one swift movement. She watched as the girl on top of her push herself up a little, evidently surprised and in the next moment, blushing furiously at how close their faces were to each other. Tiffany grinned and cupped the back of her neck, pulling her down towards her. With their lips barely touching, she stared into Taeyeon’s surprised eyes and whispered against her lips, “You made it that way.” She felt Taeyeon shudder slightly and her breath hitching before the latter closed her eyes and pressed their lips together herself.


“Go to bed, you must be tired. It was a long flight,” Taeyeon said, her eyebrows furrowed. Ironic, to say the least, because Taeyeon was the one at the side of the world that was supposed to be asleep at that time.

Tiffany didn’t reply as she stared at the screen of her laptop, at the girl she missed so dearly after being apart for less than a day. She had taken more or less 13 hours just to get back to California and had just taken a long warm shower. It was noon at her place and she could feel the jetlag creep into her bones but all she could think about was the girl at the other side of the globe. Their separation was nothing dramatic or emotional. No tears were shed, no whining, nothing. Nothing but sad smiles and prolonged hugs. Truth be told, there were lingering kisses and clinging the night before but they had prepared way beforehand that they’d have to separate again once their month was up. She was glad they even got to meet and spend a month together – day and night –, and she knew Taeyeon felt the same way. They had spent their time together like any other dating couples did but never went further than kissing and cuddling. Still, Tiffany had the best time there and she hoped it was the same for Taeyeon too. Both of them were mature enough to know it wasn’t the end when their time was up and knew that they’d meet again. It didn’t mean it was easy for Tiffany, leaving her, though. It was so hard that Tiffany almost wanted to just ‘miss’ her flight and postpone her departure for at least another day but she knew she couldn’t bail on her family’s short trip to her grandparents for the remaining of her summer break.

“Come on, baby,” Taeyeon coaxed, giving a shy smile and Tiffany grinned. She loved it when Taeyeon called her ‘baby’. The first time Taeyeon called her that was more of how she accidentally blurted it without much of a thought while trying to wake Tiffany up on one of the mornings she spent over in Seoul with her. It was sudden, abrupt, and Taeyeon got so shy afterwards but Tiffany had loved the sound of it. It made her heart flutter, turns her mind into mush and made her feel like special. She loved it so much and Taeyeon knew that even though she still got shy saying it. “Sleep, please? You know how tired you are, I can see it.”

“I miss you,” she replied, feeling a weight dragging her already worn out body down as she said it. Taeyeon gave her a soft smile in response, her eyes flickered between longing and affection, and Tiffany knew she missed her too. She wanted to tell Taeyeon that she loved her too but she felt like it wasn’t time yet, for any of them to say it. Not yet, but Tiffany personally felt like she had long surpassed just merely ‘liking’ her the moment they kissed for the first time.

“Let’s lie down okay?” she said, carrying her laptop to the bed. Tiffany did the same, moving her pillows around and placed the laptop on one side. She pulled her curtains closed to block out the sunlight and climbed onto the bed, on the empty side, sliding beneath her covers as the air-conditioner hummed softly. Resting on her side and her head comfortably on her pillow, she adjusted the screen so that she could still see Taeyeon and the latter could see her. Taeyeon had turned off her lights, leaving only the soft glow from the screen to light up her features. She looked serenely beautiful and Tiffany wanted so badly to be there with her again. “Now sleep. You want me to sing for you?”

Tiffany wordlessly nodded and so she sang. She sang as beautifully as she looked and Tiffany kept her eyes on her until she felt her eyes droop heavily. She blinked, trying to keep her eyes open and tried to stare at her longer but she failed miserably. She vaguely saw Taeyeon looking way too amused at her failed battle with her exhaustion. Giving up, she took a deep breath and let it out slowly, closing her eyes. She let herself succumb to the much needed rest as her voice eased her heart and warmed it with her melodies.


/bows/ Thank you for reading. 

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Awwww reminds me of me lol. Nice story ^^ looking forward for part 2.

What reminds you of you? Haha, thanks. ^^

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:O You're in an online relationship? Cute! Thanks, glad you liked it ^^

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its beautiful.. across time and distance, they are falling in love.
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Hello you! Thanks for commenting again! :D

Awww, this was adorable. :]

awesome~ awesome~ awesome~ ADIK! YOU ARE THE BEST!

Awwww...., That is so Beautiful Indeed :)

My dear friend, Kudos on writing this Sweet and, oh so Romantic, Taeny one-shot :). I Love It !
Somehow, I can just imagine the looks on the 2 protagonists' faces as their relationship progressed from e-mail, to Skype, to video calls, finally to an actual face-to-face (and lip-to-lip ;)) meeting in Seoul :D.
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Re: Awwww...., That is so Beautiful Indeed :)

Thank -you- for the compliments. :3

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"It was just undeniably, frustratingly, lovable."
- Always loved shy Taeng!~ ^__^ her aegyo is ~~~
Its kind of like a dreamy fic, it goes cheesier- fluffier, even more fluffy- raining gumballs cheesy- unicorns on rainbows fluffy then *not-yet-read-chapter-2*
I was a bit nervous halfway going thinking "omgosh this is it, they're gona argue n it'll break my heart...." but it nv came ^__^ thx xD
Sing her to sleep!!~~ soooooo so so so sweet ^___^ ;~;
Kay chapter 2~
i'm weird so is my comment, sry for that >_<"

HAHAHA I love how you were relief they weren't arguing in this part.. and then the next part.. BAM. xD

Evil~ so evil omgosh!~ TT____TT

this is awesomely gooooodddd~ thanks for the pm in ssf~ and im loving how each steps make closer to one another~ its like being in love in step by step mode~ i totally love dis~ and flying off for ur part 2~ wheeeeeeeeee~ c",)

Thanks for commenting on this part as well! Usually most people, -like me-, would just comment on the last part. LOL. Unless I really have something to say. So thanks ^^

nice one their relationship progress,slow and steady.. 2nd part..:D

Hope you liked the 2nd part too. ^^

i went here cause this story is #1 recommendation of my fave taeny author, yes that breaded pork :)

now i know why its her/his 1st :)
this is a very lovely story!! keep it up!!

Aw, thanks. :) Glad you liked this.

my favourite :)

i read this fic such a long time ago and i didnt comment. took me forever to find it and now that i did i just screamed "YES!!"

anyway, i just wanted to say i really appreciate you writing this fic, its my favourite taeny fic by far :) <3

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